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Ebook Library Services For Authors

Discoverability is one of the key challenges facing independent authors. How do you get your book in front of readers and make an impression that could potentially lead to sales and enhance your credibility and visibility?

One solution is to make your book available to library patrons via an ebook loan system. Several services are stepping up to provide a link between your publishing platform and the ebook library infrastructure – mostly in the US, where there are thousands of libraries with the facility to loan ebooks.

Source: ALLi - Alliance of Independent Authors on July 23, 2015

EAF Wants to Solve Library eBook Problem

Libraries are getting screwed on ebooks even worse than consumers. Where a consumer has to worry about content vanishing with a deceased ebookstore or an expired contract, libraries have to contend with annual fees, expiring licenses, and mysterious technical glitches.

JA Konrath wants to help. Around this time last year he and August Wainwright launched eBooksAreForever, a new startup which offers a library-friendly ebook solution.

Source: Ink, Bits & Pixels (formerly The Digital Reader) on March 29, 2015

Libraries as Innovation Hubs

Libraries bemoan the pricing (libraries often pay multiple times the retail price of an ebook) and the legal restrictions: just like I don’t “own” the titles on my kindle, libraries generally don’t “own” the titles they purchase through third party vendors. I’m ok with not owning my Amazon titles per se, but one of the main reasons for my existence isn’t to provide an archive of the written word, and context for cultural and local history. And I’m not buying the titles with public, taxpayer money. Libraries do both of these things, which makes ownership a much more pressing issue.

Source: Ink, Bits & Pixels (formerly The Digital Reader) on January 17, 2015